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Best Composite Decking for beauty

Decks aren’t cheap to build no matter what products you choose, so if you plan to live in your home for the next 20 years, you want to build a deck that will last that long too. I have owned a deck-building company in Kansas City for about 15 years. I’ve built a lot of decks and I know the products very well. If you’re going to build a deck, the smartest thing you can do is build it to last. To do that, I recommend composite decking. Before I get into what I believe is the best composite decking for beauty, let me talk about real wood vs. composite.

Real Wood Decking Vs. Composite Decking

I used to be a real wood lover, and natural wood decks are beautiful, but real wood just won’t last as long as manufactured wood. When composite wood first came out, I wasn’t a fan, but composites have come a long way and today, I wouldn’t use anything else on my own deck. Let’s compare the two:

Advantages of Real Wood

  • Natural look
  • Lower upfront costs
  • Ability to change the color by re-staining it

Advantages of Composite Wood

  • Low maintenance – no cleaning or staining
  • Durability – moisture, rot, and termite resistant
  • UV resistance – will not fade over time like natural wood

Composite wood offers some serious advantages over real wood. With the price of wood skyrocketing, real wood doesn’t really offer the cost advantage it once did. While a natural wood deck will last 10-15 years, composite decks last 20-30 and more. Some are rated to last up to 50 years! And now, manufacturers offer realistic color and grain options, so there’s really no reason not to go with composite. With that said, let’s look at my favorite composite wood for beauty.

Best Composite Decking for Beauty – Envision

Envision decking is different from anything on the market. Its EverGrain Core™ ensures your decking is highly resistant to everything Mother Nature can throw at it, and Envision uses Compress Technology™ which creates a best-in-class bond between the cap and core. Bottom line – it’s a strong and beautiful deck board that will look great for decades. If I am looking for a craftsman-style wood veneer, I choose Envision every single time. I absolutely love the deep grain and since they make their board in a mold, the grain pattern is different for a full 20 feet. Some of the most beautiful decks I have built have been with their Spiced Teak and Rustic Walnut planks.

We Don’t Cut Corners

At Creative Concepts & Design, our decks are designed to last. We may not be the cheapest deck builder in the market, but we build our reputation with each project, so we make sure it will stand the test of time. Rather than trying to be the cheapest, we engineer with a higher level of integrity. We don’t cut corners…anywhere. You can rest assured that when we build it, we build it right.

Kansas City’s Custom Deck Builders

If you can imagine it, we can help you design it and build it. Our design talent sets us apart from a lot of other deck builders in Kansas City. We really listen to what you want. Our designers can take an ordinary deck and tweak just one or two features and create something more functional, unique, or beautiful. We can customize your deck to fit your space and your budget. Considering how long these composite structures will be around, it’s worth spending a little extra time in the design stage to make your finished deck an addition that will add aesthetic value to your home for years to come. And if you want it to wow, I recommend a combination of Envision Spiced Teak and Rustic Walnut. It’s simply the best composite decking for beauty in my opinion.

We’d love to hear your deck ideas – the more creative, the better! We’ve been building custom decks in Kansas City and we have plenty of satisfied customers you can talk to. Call us at (816) 301-0275 or contact us online. You can even schedule a deck design meeting and get a free quote. Plus, we offer easy financing. We’d love to bring your backyard dreams to life!

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