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Pat Hunt Creative Concepts & Design Employee of the Year

Meet Pat Hunt, Creative Concepts and Design’s Employee of the Year for 2023. Pat brings a wealth of information with him to his position every day. He has decades of experience as a framer and CNC machinist. He has built everything from apartment complexes to homes and knows his way around a construction site. Once he retired from his 9-5 job, he found himself needing something new to fill his time.

Full disclosure…Pat is Caleb Hunt’s (owner of Creative Concepts and Design) dad. When his dad expressed his interest in working, Caleb hired him as a carpenter. “He had me out totin’ lumber and building decks. Then I realized I’m too old for all that physical labor,” he laughed. So when they found themselves in need of a new project manager, Pat stepped in and took over those duties. Now he is responsible for ordering materials, coordinating landscapers and concrete workers, pulling permits and plans, invoicing, and answering the phone. “He does quite a bit around here and keeps this place running smoothly,” Caleb said. “Plus it keeps him out of trouble.”

Pat grew up in Guthrie, Oklahoma. He served in the Army and was an Army Golden Gloves champion. “My dad was the 8th Army champ and he trained me and my two brothers to box,” Pat shared. “I thought it was great. It taught me how to control my thoughts and I was never afraid of bullies growing up. You learn how to duck, I’ll tell ya that!” he laughed.

He’s the reason Caleb ended up in construction. “I used to take him to job sites from the time he was about eight years old,” Pat said. “I’d give him little jobs helping frame houses and pay him a small wage. I guess he enjoyed it because here we are. We’ve come full circle and now I’m working for him. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he’s not my son, he’s the boss!” he said with a chuckle.

He also passed on his love of fishing to his sons. “We had about 20 good farm ponds in Guthrie. I’d just throw my pole in the truck and pick one. We’d catch bass and crappie. I think the boys really enjoyed it too.” In his spare time, Pat likes to paint. “He’s a very accomplished painter,” Caleb shared about his dad. “He has a huge portfolio. The painting in the photo is one of his. He’s a pretty cool guy.”

This father of four sons and grandfather of two grandsons enjoys working with his son, watching his business grow, and being an integral part of his success. When asked what he liked most about his job, he replied, “Working from home! You can’t beat these home jobs. I’ve been around 67 years and I’ve seen a lot,” he shared. “I can’t imagine what it will be like ten or twenty years from now. Things change fast.”

Congratulations, Pat, on your Employee of the Year award! This place wouldn’t be the same without you! We appreciate you and all that you do!

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