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White Pergola

First things first…what exactly is a pergola? A pergola is simply a structure with open sides that has a flat roof formed of horizontal trelliswork supported on columns or posts. The easiest way to think of it is an oversized arbor. Pergolas have grown in popularity because of their affordability and their versatility. It’s no wonder homeowners are opting for pergolas to perk up their backyards. 

An Affordable Way to Extend Your Living Space

Because the structure itself is fairly simple and light, the cost is much lower than adding an actual room to your home. Four support posts, some lumber for the roof, and some hardware, and your pergola is complete! There are no walls, no windows, no wiring or plumbing expenses. Yet for all its simplicity, pergolas create wonderful living space and are an affordable way to extend your home into the great outdoors. You can choose to build a heavy timber pergola or a light timber pergola depending on your space and taste. 

A Pergola for Every Purpose 

You can build a pergola on a patio, add it to your deck, attach it to your home, put it on a freestanding platform, create a poolside cabana…the opportunities are endless. Pergolas provide shade from the midday sun, and create a gathering space that can be used for countless purposes day or night. Depending on how you outfit your pergola, it can give off completely different vibes. Here are some fun ideas.

Woman relaxing in Pergola

Relaxing Retreat – add some outdoor furniture, string a few lights and stretch curtains into walls with a simple tug or two and you’ve got a secret relaxing getaway. Perfect for a romantic evening nightcap after the kids go to bed. When the weather gets cool, the curtains will keep the night air at bay while you cozy up under a blanket on a crisp fall night. For more permanent privacy, add a lattice wall or two.

Garden Pergola

Garden Getaway – landscape bushes, colorful pots, hanging plants, and climbing vines can all be used to create a secret garden in your backyard. Add a bird bath, wind chimes, and hummingbird feeder and you’ll have your own zen garden retreat. 

Beach Pergola

Beachy Bungalow – Billowy striped curtains, pastel colors, and lounge chairs will create a beach vibe. Get the daiquiris blending and buy some paper umbrellas for your drinks. Tropical plants and a margarita machine will really kick the space up a notch. Too much sun? Add some fabric on the roof for a shady retreat.

Patio Pergola with Outdoor Kitchen

Family fun barbecues – pergolas make great gathering spots for weekend get-togethers with family and friends. Grill up some brats and break out the corn hole game. 

Pergola Dinner Party

Dinner Parties – There’s nothing like dining al fresco when the weather is perfect. Outdoor lights, creative cocktails, and great music will have you shooing the neighbors home way too late.

Pergola Fir Pit

Fire Pit S’mores – the addition of a fire pit means you can stretch the outdoor season till the very end with cozy nights and even some impromptu s’mores after dinner. 

Poolside Pergola

Poolside Cabana – pergolas are perfect for the pool. Not only do they look fantastic, they offer a welcome respite from the sun.

Top 4 Pergola Personality Pops

There are a few things that really give your pergola its personality. Here are some features to focus on.

Pergola with Edison Bulbs Pergola with Lanterns








Nothing adds atmosphere like lighting. Make a party pergola by stretching a few strands of Edison bulbs overhead. Solar landscape lights are an effortless way to light a path or create a mood. You can even hang battery operated or solar lanterns from the ceiling. 

Pergola Roof with Plants Pergola with Lattice Walls








Flowers and greenery make a space feel complete. If you can’t plant in the ground, add large planters, hanging baskets, and vining plants that will crawl up the posts and over the top. The beauty and atmosphere plants provide is tremendous.

Pergola with Couch at Night 


The furniture you choose will greatly affect the feel of your space. Light and airy woven or wicker furniture gives a casual feel. Deep seated couches with a fire pit create a more formal, upscale atmosphere. Tables and chairs create a very social, party vibe. 

Pergola Roof with White Fabric



From curtains to retractable sun shades across the top, the fabrics you choose will influence the attitude of the space. Wispy and airy lighten things up and heavier cottons and blends are more formal. Colors make a big difference too. Again lighter colors are less formal. Richer colors are more formal. Don’t forget about outdoor rugs.

Pergola on deck Pergola over Hot Tub Pergola near water






Pergolas are so versatile they can be added just about anywhere. Add a pergola to the corner of your deck to create an adults-only zone or to solve the midday sun problem over a hot tub or pool. Simple lattice walls create fast and affordable privacy. Create a party platform further out in the yard, maybe on the edge of the woods. There are so many ways you can play it. There’s a pergola for every personality, and compared to other structures, they’re perfectly priced.

If you are interested in adding a pergola to your backyard, give us a call. Decks and pergolas are our favorite things to build! Call Creative Concepts and Design at (816) 301-0275 or contact us online. You can even schedule a design meeting and get a free quote. We’d love to bring your backyard dreams to life!


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