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What is the most important feature in a landscape design? Is it the hardscaping like the deck, the patio, the pergola, the pool, the retaining wall, the outdoor kitchen, the fire pit? Is it the plants like the foundation garden, the shade trees, the flowering bushes, or the shape of the beds? Or is it the small touches like the landscape lighting, decorative concrete, patio furniture, or bubble fountain? If you chose one, you’d be wrong (at least in our humble opinion). That’s because the best landscaped yards start with the most important thing – a plan. Yes, the most important feature in landscape design is the design itself.

Cohesive Design Creates a Flow 

Looking at the space as a whole, even if you don’t plan to landscape it all at once, is critical to creating a space that is both beautiful and practical. A little planning in the beginning stages is worth it because it ensures that the space you have will be used the most efficiently and provide the utility you need. We’ve seen many yards that look like they were piecemealed together as the homeowners got the budget for each individual project. A pool here, a raised deck over there, a bit of landscape plants in the corner, but there is no continuity to the layout of the design. The space is not as practical and as easily used by the homeowners as it could be if it had been designed as one space. 

Build Your Dream Backyard in Stages

We understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and all home improvement projects cost money. But rather than break it into pieces, make getting a design your first priority and then you can create that plan one step at a time. For instance, maybe a large deck or patio is in your budget, but a pergola and water feature aren’t. That’s okay. If you have an overall plan, you can add one thing this year and build it with the addition in mind. That way, a year or two later, when you add the next feature, it all flows together because it was planned that way from the beginning. You end up with a backyard retreat that looks professional, balanced, and beautiful and creates a place that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

A Professional Landscaping Plan Solves Problems

Another big advantage to having a professional plan your yard design is we can spot problems and fix them before it’s too late. For instance, if you have runoff issues, we have options on how to handle it. We can add French drains to take it to the edge of your property. We can incorporate the water into the design plan with a dry creek bed. A dry creek bed allows you to direct where you want the runoff to go, plus they add character to your yard. A rain garden is another great backyard drainage solution. By mixing different types of soil, you can create a rain garden that does not have any wet spots. Plus, these gardens provide beautiful habitats for butterflies and birds. Certain plants fare better in wetter soil conditions as well, so knowing a bit about the area makes a big difference when it comes to a landscape plan. Our professionals can help you design the backyard of your dreams or a front yard that adds class, curb appeal, and resale value to your home. 

One Plan – Multiple Projects

Let us design an entire backyard retreat/vacation spot for you and then start building it season by season. At Creative Concepts and Design, beautiful backyards are our specialty. If you need help with a landscape plan, give us a call. We’ll sit down and find out what you want in a backyard and create a plan that can help you make it happen, whether it’s all at once or one step at a time. We want every space we create to be something special that you will enjoy for years to come. See what some of our customers are saying about their experiences with us.

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